Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Him's so little!!"

Avery has been diligently working on her pronouns. She can almost use them in the correct sentence structure now. However, she still occasionally misses one, i.e. " Him's so little!" (what she said about one of her stuffed animals). Throw in something that doesn't have an assigned sex yet, like our newest addition (BABY #2), and you really get her confused.

Sorry I can't figure out how to put it right side up. Not that you could really see much anyway. We are very excited about this new little person (one centimeter long on Monday with a heart rate of 154)! We won't know for a while whether its a girl or boy, but he/she is due December 12th, but will be born no later than December 5th, since we are scheduling a cesarean on that day. So, Avery's going to be a big sister! Ask her where the baby is, and she replies, "right here, in me" and points to her belly. That's all she will say though. She won't actually talk about the baby, or if she wants a brother or sister. I'm calling it "baby denial".

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Avery got to meet "Gingie" from Shrek in Fairhope a few weekends ago. Enamored really doesn't describe it. She was smitten. I mean, how could a cookie get so big?? And he can talk, too??? Wow. Move over Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.
Someone once asked Avery is she was ready for a baby brother or sister. She replied, "no baby, want BUNNY!". That would be because of this little guy.
Rosemary let Avery hold her first baby rabbit, and again, smitten is the word. Who doesn't love bunnies? Any dreams Hank may have had for a friend of the canine species may have died on that day. Poor Hank. That's all I have for now. Soon to upload the video of Avery singing "Mazing Grace" (if TJ will email it to me, hint, hint).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

An update.

Avery and Jake have had some adventures lately. Two weekends ago, they went to the museum! That was all good and well, but the cabinets in the gift shop really made the trip! We almost couldn't get them out.

Then the next weekend, we went to Chappy's for breakfast and then off to the zoo! Avery doesn't yet believe that Mardi Gras is over. She won't take off those beads!
Avery had a little date night with Daddy last night, and they watched Pooh Bear, sang all of Avery's favorite songs (currently no. 1 is "Mazing Grace"), and read about "Lowly" the worm. I'm not sure if you remember how funny Lowly is because of his one foot, and subsequently his one shoe. If you don't, you probably didn't have a Richard Scary obsession like Evan and I did! They sent me this cute photo of their date!

And finally, what fabulous weather have we had lately!?!?! I am loving the warm air and sunshine! Avery is too, because now she can get out and play on her "pway-gwound"!
Hope you are all enjoying it as much as we are!