Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Syrup Soppin', Pumpkin Patch, and the strange morning...

Avery and I went with several other mom's and tot's to the Pumpkin Patch down in Union Springs. They had so much to do! We didn't even make it down to the actual pumpkin patch, because all the other stuff was so much fun! There was a petting zoo (Avery named all the goats, Brownie, Whitie, Shortie, just to name a few), a tube maze, hot dogs for lunch, and a really exciting corn sand box (for lack of a better term). This was Avery's favorite. She came home with enough corn in her shoes to make a decent batch of cornbread.

Yesterday, I woke up to find Avery and Hank asleep in her bed. Hank was supposed to be in the back yard, but apparently, he gave up on that idea, and after TJ left to go hunting, he came right in the front door. They were both pretty happy to see each other. I asked Avery how long Hank had been in her room and she responded, "Since Wednesday." Hmmm. I do apologize for the poor quality of photo. It was dark and they were still sleepy. Oh, and I should mention, that Hank got a haircut on Monday. He had a rough weekend, so we thought a little grooming and a bath would be good for him. Turns out, they scalp you if you have really curly hair since they can't brush through it. Poor guy. He will have to wear a sweater all winter long.
Lastly, the Syrup Soppin' in Loachapoka, Alabama was delightful. Sounds a little red, but don't knock it, til you try it! We went last year, and Avery enjoyed it so much, we thought we would go back. This time she enjoyed the old timey school house where she could draw on the little chalk boards. That, and all the cool food they let you taste! (Corn fritters, fire baked bread, fresh honey, fresh sorghum, cane syrup, even pecan pancakes.) There are lots of other vendors there, but we stuck to the original stuff. Avery picked cotton, pulled up peanuts and sweet potatoes, and rode a tractor. Very country. She had a hard time understanding why I wanted her to wear jeans and boots (she wears little smocked dresses most of the time at home). She pretty much pitched a fit as I wrestled her into them Saturday morning, but on Monday, she didn't want to wear a dress! She only wanted her jeans. I don't think she is country as a turnip just yet, but a few more weekends in Notasulga (Gigi is actually growing turnips at the mill, so she got to pick some) and she might turn into one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Avery does not remember giving herself the nickname "Ace". She will still respond to it, but no longer refers to herself as Ace.
Does it make me sad? Not really, but it does make me a twinge nostalgic for the days when she butchered her words (so sweet), and it was a game to decipher what she was saying. She is very verbal these days, in case you haven't seen her in a while. She uses full sentences and mostly proper grammar (with the exception of the occasional "him's toy" rather than "his toy" to show possession). She can easily carry on a conversation with just about anyone, including Mayor Strange, who she walked right up to and asked to "hold this please" while handing him her blankie. Yeah. Never met a stranger. Although, to her credit, they had actually met once before.

Other things she's into now:
1. Her brother (who she refers to as "my baby john mills"). She kisses my belly and tells him goodnight before she goes to sleep. And she has a present waiting on him when he arrives (a blue blankie that she tested to make sure was up to her standards in softness). Other mom's out there have an idea about a present to her from her brother on D-day? I have read its a good idea to get the older child something from the baby so she won't feel left out. Something relevant, but we already have the big sister t-shirt and all the books. Ideas would be appreciated!
2. School. The kid LOVES school. I hear about her friends, her teachers, the playground, art time, music time, potty time, you name it, she talks about it. I have never seen a kid so happy to go to school.
3. Friends. Jake, Chappell, Riley, George, Liam, Frances, et al, are constantly on her mind, and in her conversations. Her imagination is growing too. She pretend talks to her "friends" and they respond when she is laying in bed. They are the funniest little conversations. She is starting to play pretend doctor and house. So cute. I get to be her patient and sometimes its her daddy or BeBe.
4. BandAids. The child is obsessed with band aids. We have been through a giant box of them because she thinks she needs one hourly.
5. Heaven. I told her that Maggie (dog that died back in January) went to heaven, and that she isn't coming back. This must have just now clicked with her, because she tells me all the time that Hank is sad and wants his friend back. So now, when anything is missing, (my phone, her hair bow, pink blankie, etc.) she tells me it's in heaven. That heaven must be a junky place if all our random lost stuff ends up there.

Avery got to meet and hold Mary Pace on Saturday:
I think she will be a super big sister!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to the World!

Liam made his grand debut Tuesday morning. J and C are super lucky parents, cause this guy is a cutie!!! He will be stealing hearts in no time! 8 lbs, 11 ounces of love!

I made Allison take one last photo before she went to the hospital to deliver her sweet girls.
Mary Pace and Currey Elizabeth made their entrances Wednesday morning and are 6 pounds 2 ounces and 6 pounds 4 ounces respectively. I got to hold them today, and I am smitten. Seriously, my friends could not have delivered cuter babies! I just love all three of them! I can't wait for John Mills to meet his buddies!

In other news, Avery and I made Polka Dot Pumpkin muffins yesterday, and I think my little friend is going to be quite the baker (if I can keep her from eating all the batter before it gets cooked!). She loves helping dump in the ingredients.
And wearing the apron.
Special little thing. I just love that kid.