Thursday, February 19, 2009

More photos

Here are some photos since we have been at home. This is the end of Avery's first bath. She did pretty well until the end!
Forgive the no make up swollen face, but this was before our first "outing" to Mom and Dads for dinner Tuesday night. Mommy was about to go stir crazy!

This is baby Avery in her Moses Basket taking her morning nap.


I have been a mother now for one week and one day. It is surprisingly different from what I expected. In fact I don't feel much different at all. Except for this wonderful little monster that I am responsible for. It is amazing to think that I grew her in my belly for 9 months. She really is a blessing, and I understand why people have more than one...all that pain and agony is gone (almost), and it has been replaced by a sense of accomplishment and awe that God would allow me to play the role of earthly parent to Avery. But you didn't click on my blog to hear me rant and get all philosophical, now did you? You just want to see some pictures! Here ya go:

TJ is working up his plan on how to get her car seat in the tree stand.

And Ahma thinking how much she looks like TJ!

No caption necessary.

And Searcy waiting patiently before the delivery!

The family gathered around me when I am still in good spirits! (Evan, how did you miss out on this picture?)

Friday, February 13, 2009

She is finally here!

And, I'm back!
Baby Avery is more wonderful than I could possibly imagined! She is beautiful, and I cannot stop looking at her! I still can't quite grasp that she is mine! We are enamored by her. Here are some pictures from our hospital stay!

"Daddy G" (the rapper/grandfather of Baby Avery) holding her for the first time.

Still feeling the effects of the medicine in this one...I was so excited that she had "monkey toes"!

And now for the story:

We got to the hospital right on time. They showed us to our room, and wasted no time getting me hooked up and undressed! It took three nurses and 4 needles to get my IV started. Apparently my veins roll. Once they got me "online" they began the cervical ripening. For the first few hours, the contractions started, and I was comfortable but was in very little pain. We had lots of visitors, and we all enjoyed pizza for dinner. Around midnight, my contractions began to get worse. I could no longer sleep. I was getting very uncomfortable. By 2 am, I was in so much pain, I begged for some medication to aid me in sleep. They gave me some stadol and phenergren to sleep and not get nauseated. This knocked me out until about 3:30. When I woke again, I was ready for more meds. I was having strong contractions every 3 minutes. At 4:30am, the nurse suggested I go ahead and get the epidural, and I gladly accepted her advice. That relaxed me, and I was able to get back to sleep! They began the pitocin drip around 6am, but I couldn't feel much at all. Unfortunately, the baby started having "late decelerations" (heart rate drops after each contraction) that worried the doctors. They kept checking my progress, but I never made it 5 centimeters. They tried everything they knew how to do. Finally, around 3 pm, the decision was made to do a Cesarean Section. I was none to pleased. In fact, I was scared to death! This was not part of my plan! They prepped me and took me back for surgery. TJ put on his scrubs but had to wait outside the OR until everything was ready. They began the first cut, then allowed TJ in. I was nervous! He grabbed my hand and I started squeezing. Suddenly, I felt a very sharp pain. Then another... I could feel the searing pain of the knife. I am not sure exactly what came out of my mouth, but they were all surprised that I knew what they were doing! They juiced up my epidural, but I could still feel everything. Dr. Connor and Dr. Thomas decided to go ahead and put me under general anesthesia to complete the operation. It was a welcome relief! They put the gas on me, and when I woke up, I had a baby girl(or so I was told)! It was so exciting, but I was so drunk on drugs that I couldn't tell you what was going on around me! TJ later told me I was making very bad jokes to the recovery room nurses.

As I waited to see my baby in recovery, TJ, Mom, and Dad came in to visit. I could not tell you one thing we talked about...I'm sure the baby was mentioned, but I don't remember much at all. I do remember being wheeled down a long hall (still on the OR gurney) and being stopped in front of a large group of people (all family, friends, and benevolent well wishers). I then turned to my left realizing at this moment that it was not me they had come to see, but my little baby in the nursery window. But she looked funny. Very tan. Searcy could see the confusion in my eyes, and shushed me before I could make too big of a scene, and then pointed to the nurse who was holding my little Avery. As you guessed, the other baby I was looking at was a beautiful little African American boy who had been born right before Avery. Nice practical joke. I laughed, but was so drugged, I didn't really see the humor in it until the next day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have now had the pleasure of going to the hospital and meeting this little angel. She is absolutely beautiful with a head full of dark brown hair. She looks a lot like her Daddy but I can see some of Tracy in her too. Anyway here are some pictures that TJ had taken and some that I took today. Know that both Tracy and beautiful Avery are doing very well. Tracy was quite the trooper and after being in labor for almost 24 hours, she delivered Avery via C-section. Correction to yesterdays post Avery was born at 4:06 pm and was 20 inches long. She is really just perfect!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Second message from TJ said:

7 lbs and 7 oz
Born at 4:45 via C-section
20.5 inches long

Avery Ann Williford

Avery Ann WIlliford was born today and the text message I recieved from TJ had this attached. More details to come.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guest Blogger

Tracy had no idea what she got herself in for when she asked me to post on her blog while she is in the hospital. I called her this morning to check in and then it struck me that we had not seen a pregnant pic posted in sometime. Well since we needed to see one last look at a very pregnant Tracy, Riley and I jumped in the car and caught them in the drive way. Above is Tracy just before they left to go to the hospital at 3:00 today. And below is the trunk of her car. For those of you who know Tracy, you know she had to clean it out in order to fit all of that in there. But it looks like they remembered everything!
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Let the waiting continue.

TJ, Kara, and I are sitting in the living room waiting to go to the hospital, where we will continue to wait. In church on Sunday, John Schmidt talked about how getting married teaches you compromise, and having children teaches you patience. Obviously, he was right.
I know she will be worth it, but uhhg...the agony of waiting! Allison is going to post for me tomorrow as soon as Avery is born, so check back for that update! Please pray that everything will go as planned and that we will have a healthy mom and baby tomorrow evening! Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes!

Friday, February 6, 2009

pups and more.

I think it's time for a puppy update. Partner is happily living in his transitional housing with Uncle Steve, until Aunt Patty's house is finished. He is adjusting well. Hank and Maggie are getting loads of attention since I am at home more these days. I am afraid they are in for a rude awakening once Avery gets here! Allison and Michael came over last night with Baby Riley and they were awfully curious about the little guy! They kept sniffing him, and then looking at me in a funny way. As if they were asking if this is the thing I have been telling them about...that "B" word. As I shoved them outside, I explained that he was a baby, but not our baby. Heidi was mostly indifferent to Riley. She was more concerned that we were sitting on her couch, and there wasn't enough room for her. Here is a picture of her from her latest quail hunt.

Being around Riley and Allison gives me a sense of confidence that I can and will be a good mommy. I am looking forward to meeting my little one. It almost seems cruel that you have to wait 9 (10) months. The wait is almost over!

Carolyn gave Avery her very first Obama paraphenalia. It is a super cute "Obama Baby" onezie!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The End (or the begining, rather) is in sight!

We had our last ultrasound done yesterday. She was apparently sticking her tongue out in this one, but I don't see it. Once they get this big, they all look like blobs.
Avery weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces. All of my levels look great! We are right on track. However, no more progress has been made, but I am a great candidate for induction, since I have been dilated and partially effaced for 3 weeks now. That means that we will have a baby by Wednesday February 11th! I am scheduled for induction on Tuesday the 10th, and Dr. Connor said to expect Avery to arrive mid afternoon on the 11th. Here is the most exciting post it note I have ever received:
This the date and time I am supposed to arrive at the hospital for my induction. The wait is almost over!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So close, yet no cigar.

I am still here, at my desk, at work. I sure was hoping today would be the day. That would have worked out perfectly for my calendar. February 3- Avery, March 3- TJ, April 3- me! What a cute little family. But it looks like that won't happen, unfortunately. Tomorrow we go for the last ultrasound, to check her size, and then we see Dr. Connor again. I am not even going to get my hopes up for any extreme progress tomorrow. There is always the outside chance, but like I said, I'm not getting my hopes up. Avery seems very content to stay where she is.
I woke up early this morning when TJ left to go quail hunting (it's always something), and I couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to go for a "shake this baby out" walk with Hank. It was freezing!!!! We made one trip around the block, and Hank's whiskers were frozen to his face, so we went home. (And I was awfully achy and cold myself.) Hank did manage to mark his territory like a real man a few times and sniff out some crazed joggers. There is no way I would have been out there walking if I didn't have a really good reason. Fitness itself is torturous enough...why not at least save it for a warmer part of the day? Anywho, maybe I pushed her down a little lower. I might try for another lap when I get home this afternoon (when it is 20 degrees warmer). If anyone was wondering what I am looking like these days, here is an updated picture:

Ok, I may not actually look like this, but I promise you, this is exactly what I feel like. All boobs, butt, belly, and ankles (in a fantastically crazy hat).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shank-a-potomus...bloody brilliant.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we restful, but I had several hours of contractions each day. Some were hard and painful, others were like they have been for weeks now, short and painless. I hope this means we are getting ready for the big day (or night). They stopped right about bed time every day, which was nice. I did have a little blood pressure scare on Saturday, though. I never called the doctor, but if it goes back up, I will. The baseline for pre-eclampsia is 140/90. Mine was 138/90. That is way higher than it has ever been! I am normally in the normal to low range with a 117/63. It fluctuated all day about 10 points on the systolic and 5 or 6 points on the diastolic...but it never went above 140/90. I will check it again when I get home today. So that was my weekend...Searcy, Mom, TJ, and Beverly watching over me like hawks to make sure I didn't go into spontaneous labor or eclampsia. Although, it was kind of nice having so much company! No one wanted me to be alone! Of course, if Avery doesn't appear sometime soon, they may all decide they don't want to be around just me anymore!
Lastly, I just wanted to point out that my favorite Super Bowl commercial was the E-Trade baby talking to his golf partner...who he later calls a "Shank-a-potomus." I just about rolled off the couch! I do hope Avery is as clever as that little man. (Others to be mentioned are the Doritos "Cristal Ball" and the other E-trade with the a capella baby.)