Tuesday, April 21, 2009

two and a half months old

It has been a busy few weeks. Avery went for her photo shoot with Josh Moates of Kim Box photography. She is positively beautiful. I should be getting them in two weeks. We have two more sessions with Josh, and I know they will be even better.

I have decided to go back to work part time at the hotel. It was a very, VERY, tough decision, but I think I will be happy for a short break from the 2 foot world. I am researching child care options, and will post on that when they are final.

The biggest news I have right now is that Avery has slept through the night 3 times since Friday!!!!! She is going to bed around 9 and sleeping until 7am! It is so nice to be able to get an uninterrupted nights sleep! I have not had 8 consecutive hours of sleep since the 2nd trimester. (Literally, 5 months ago.) I hope she keeps it up, because Mommy is loving the extra sleep.

Motherhood just keeps getting better! I love that she smiles when she sees me, and she calms down when I rock her. She is such a happy baby (just don't let her get too hungry), and a joy to be around. She loves to stand up and look at things, and she is doing more every day. I will post pictures another day, once again my computer is acting strange.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 months old!!!

I can't believe Avery is 2 months old! It has flown by! I swear...my kid is the cutest I have ever seen. She is holding her head up so well these days, and she is scooting when she is on her tummy. She loves to "push" up and stand on my lap, and she is practicing her dancing. Which is a good thing she is starting early considering that dancing doesn't run in the family. Unless her desire is to be the best at the one-two step, 'cause I got that one covered.

Check my sweet Mohawk! Mommy had fun at bath time today!

Today I discovered the ladybugs on my Bobby swing. I tried to catch them!

Daddy, Heidi, and Avery taking a little break from being cute.

This is a great picture to remind me of the last 20 pounds I have to lose...pregnancy is really bad for the waistline.

And another picture of my beautiful little girl, who is learning to knock in this photo...she is so advanced. :)

Alright, so that's our week in a nutshell. I will try to do better at posting in a timely fashion next week.


The Montgomery Humane Society held a Dog Debutante Ball Fund Raiser last Thursday. I volunteered to do some photography for the grand event. It was quite a party! They "presented" all of the dogs who were up for adoption and many of the attendees brought their own pooches to show as well! Most were in costume, since the theme this year was 80's Prom. I can't tell you how happy that made me! I am obsessed with the 80's. In fact, in college I was Prom Queen of 1983 for Halloween one year! Too bad I rented my super rad dress, and had to take it back! Regardless, Dog-U-Tante 2K9 was a huge success. Dad's firm bought a table and he, Jane Ann, Searcy, Hope (TJ's little sis), Aunt Tinsy (TJ's very tiny great Aunt from Louisiana), and Miss Beverly all came to support the Humane Shelter. Hope brought one of their dogs, Ella. Miss Ella was quite a hit in her 80's costume!
This is Hope, wondering if she should get into a modeling career herself. (We think you should!)

And...Ella, looking fabulous!
I thought I should bring back this older photo (three weeks ago) to show how much Avery has grown! Mom took this the day Avery and I went to visit her at the office. Look how skinny she is!

And, notice the difference in cheek size. This was last week when Avery felt the need to show off her bubble blowing skills and her new bow in her hair!

This is a photo Aunt Laura took when she was baby sitting this weekend in Birmingham. Avery was talking to her, so Laurie snapped this classic action shot (and even got a smile). Aves is quite elusive when it comes to smiling for the camera.

And here she is with Daddy sporting a new 'do, courtesy of Daddy.

So, now you have seen how much she has grown! I feel the need to explain that she is absolutely insatiable. I cannot fill her up. The kid is eating almost 6 ounces every 2 1/2 hours! For those of you without babies, just know, that this is a lot for a 2 month old! The strange thing is, she isn't spitting up very much either...she really is that hungry. I just hope it tapers off before she goes to Elementary School. I can just see her now, stealing other kid's tater tots and putting them in her little zipper pocket pouch in her pants...wait, that was Napoleon Dynamite, but you get the picture. All joking aside, she is a very healthy little girl, and I am such a lucky Momma.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pardon me sir, do you have a gallon of beer?

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. We have been busy! We went for a photo shoot with Josh Moates of Kim Box photography yesterday. She was a little fussy and wouldn't smile for Josh. I think he still got some good shots of her, and we have two more sessions with him, so I feel confident we will get some great photos! We go back next Friday to view the ones he took.

My computer is acting a little funny, so I may have to upload my photos another day. But I do have some cute ones!

We went to Birmingham last weekend, for TR and Claire's wedding. It was Avery's first overnight trip. I was nervous, but she acted like the wonferful, perfect baby that she is, and had no trouble adjusting at all. She stayed with Ama and G Daddy while TJ and I went to the wedding. It was a blast, and Claire looked amazing! It was at "The Club" and it has an incredible view of the Birminham skyline. We had a great time. Of course we are old, and so we went back to Ross Bridge as soon as the happy couple left, but I hear the impromptu "after party" at Bourbon Street was pretty exciting. Sad we couldn't make it, but not having to deal with a hang over and a hungry baby was worth missing it. I was still quite tired when we got back to Montgomery. I think Ms. Avery is ready for her first trip to the beach! Hopefully we will be able to spend some time down there this summer! I missed most of last summer being pregnant and feeling icky, so I am very much looking forward to a tan and some salt air! No trips to Flora Bama or the Keg though! Avery isn't old enough, although Uncle Evan did invite her to a fraternity party at BSC on Saturday. Thankfully, Aunt Laura babysat so Avery didn't have to learn how to drink a "gallon of beer" just yet.