Monday, December 12, 2011

John Mills Williford

John Mills made his debut a few days early, much to everyone's surprise. Here's the story minus all the gory details.
Mom and I took a little trip to have lunch with Grandma on Thursday December 1st up in Valley, Alabama. On the drive up I started having contractions, and about half way there, I realized they were pretty constant and getting stronger. So I started timing them. By the time we sat down for lunch an hour later, I had counted 16 contractions. So I called the nurse, to see what I should do. She called back a few minutes later and sent me to Triage (which I had been to twice already for different reasons). It took us about an hour to get home, but we went straight to the hospital, and into Triage. The first nurse checked me and said I was only one centimeter dilated, and that if I didn't have any cervical change in an hour, they would send me home. Of course, at this point, that was frustrating. I decided I had an incompetent cervix, and that was never going to dilate naturally. I was not comfortable because of the contractions, my blood pressure was really high, and I was a hot mess of sweatiness. At this point, Mom started to worry something was wrong. The same nurse came back in with Dr. Desautels, who decided to check me again. Wouldn't you know, that incompetent cervix of mine had dilated another centimeter! In a whirl wind of questions and answers and changing out of my clothes, I found myself 20 minutes later in an icebox of an operating room, hunched over a very sweet South African nurse, getting a spinal block.
About 10 minutes later, TJ comes in, all cute in his scrubs, if not a little green around the gills. Doctor Waller comes in, and just a few short minutes later, John Mills Williford takes his first breath, begins to cry, and pees all over Dr. W.
TJ got it all on video, and its pretty exciting to watch. But don't worry, its not going on youtube or the blog. I'm not that crazy.

8 pounds, 9 ounces
21 1/2 inches long
My big boy is just perfect. We are so in love with him! Oh, and he looks a heck of a lot like his big (and very proud) sister.

Didn't Holland do a fabulous job on his newborn portraits?? I love them!