Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Serenbe and Leaves

Mom and Avery and I took Grandma on our annual trip to see the leaves change. If you know my Grandmother, you know this was an interesting trip. I will leave it at that for now. I am sure you can draw your own conclusions. We went to Serenbe, Georgia. It is a cute little farmhouse and a community in the middle of nowhere! It is truly beautiful, but not the most exciting of places. We did feed the animals on the farm including chickens, lamas, goats, sheep, horses (Ace's fave!), cows, and the largest domesticated pigs I have ever seen! One weighed 1200 pounds!

They also had these super cool in-ground trampolines that Avery and I fell in love with! I am thinking 5th birthday present! We have GOT to get one! It is great exercise with much less risk of bodily harm!
We had afternoon tea. Avery and I found a secret fort while RoRo and Ma sat around and drank tea.
But first, she took down a plate of grapes. Is it me, or does she look just a tiny bit scared of who or whatever is right across from her?
Our swanky modern loft we stayed in. You can imagine how many times Grandma said the words, "strange. weird. odd." I don't even want to discuss the Buddha statue on the sofa table (not pictured). Let's just say Grandma left feeling like all of the inhabitants of Serenbe were practicing Buddhists.
Avery entertaining herself in the stark modern kitchen.

It really was a fun trip. Grandma even enjoyed most of it. Girls weekends are nice, but I am glad to be back home with Teej. Avery and I went to the park this morning. The leaves were everywhere. I couldn't get Ace interested in the leaves, because she was waaaay to excited about the dina...sore [dinosaur] slide.
Have a great week!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zoo and first photograph

Avery, Ma, and I went to the Zoo yesterday and rode the train! Ace is obsessed with trains, cars, trucks, and anything else that moves! She loves the animals too, but the train really stole the show!

Last Friday morning, Avery and I were laying around watching early morning cartoons, like we always do until it is actually light enough outside to get up (time change fixed that!). She was playing with my phone and somehow took her first photograph. See below.
Technically she did a good job. There is visual interest, diagonal lines, proper lighting, et. al. Proud Mama over here. They say to photograph what you like and know, and Ace definitely knows about her "juice". BTW, all drinkable liquid is known in her world as juice. Milk, water, she knows their proper names, but when it gets put in a sippy cup, its all juice to her.
Did anyone happen to see me in RSVP magazine this month? If so, you would know that I am a "closet photographer" whatever that means. Anywho, I digress. Ace is a marvel. I love her!
Here are some things she can do these days:
1. Use a spoon or fork with great precision.
2. Ride her trike.
3. Say "rrrrRRRROOOLLLLL Tide, Hey!" and "eagle, HEY!" which she does in her crib at night.
4. list cars, trucks, trains, and their colors.
5. count to 3.
6. say tank you mama when appropriate.
7. sing! Not words yet, but she does croon out some vowel sounds!
8. tell us when she has gone number 2 in her diaper. I guess we are on the right track to potty training? Experienced moms-Any help with this feat??
That's our life in a nutshell. TJ is hunting in South Dakota this weekend, say a prayer for his safety!