Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A few more photos.

Here are some more from Zoo day...Avery looks like she is trying to strangle Chappell, but its all in love.

And one from Avery learning to postpone bedtime by playing dress up...this night she was "Avery the Deer Hunter".
Playing outside in the sandbox.
Avery informed me the other night, that the baby in my belly is a "brudder" and his name is "Bo". I have no idea where she got that, but I am happy that she is at least open to talking about it now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I need a vacation from my body.

The new bed worked well. She was pretty excited. See the video below!
The potty training didn't happen. I was too tired. Can I please take a siesta for the next 7 months??

Friday, May 13, 2011

9 weeks 5 days and some lists

Sorry for the lapse in blogging. I have been a bit under the weather. This week has been better. As long as I eat about every 3 hours, I feel ok. If I don't, I get sick. But that's enough about that. Right now, peanut number two is the size of a kumquat, a little over an inch long head to rump. It's funny, this pregnancy seems to be going by much quicker than last time! I don't have nearly as much time to think (or worry) about it!
Avery is still pretending there is no baby coming! But she is in for some major life changes in the next few weeks.
1. She has been climbing out of the crib on a daily basis for the last 2 weeks. Change numero uno is her big girl bed. She is getting a cute little wooden trundle bed so that I can "sleep" next to her to train her to fall asleep without the confines of rails. (If anyone has a better idea, I am ready to hear it!)
2. Obviously (this should have been number one, but I am lazy), she's getting a sibling in a few months.
3. Potting training is about to commence. She has been intrigued with the potty for a while now. She will tell me she needs to go, but has just gone in her "biper". She reads her potty book, and gets really excited when it comes to the part where the little girl finally goes in the potty, and she shouts, "I DID IT!!!" with great enthusiasm. Soooo, all that being said, I think its time to drop the drawers and make it happen. I have been thinking she would just "get it." But, we've waited, and tried, and waited, and tried, and with the new one on the way, I'm looking at changing 2 sets of diapers each day. No thanks. There is a method that parents swear by, where you take the diaper and pants off and let them run naked waist down for a weekend (preferably a warm one), and every time they go, you rush to the potty, so they get to feel and see what happens when they go.
You may be wondering why do all this now???? You still have several months...
1. I am tired, but I will be more tired the bigger I get and the closer to delivery.
2. I don't want her to associate all these difficult changes with the baby, and to assign anger or resentment unduly to it.
3. I want her to be totally over the baby bed by the time we need to use it again.
4. I am not buying a new crib or changing table, nor am I carting Avery into a sleeping baby's room to change her. ( We ALL know she can't be quiet for 5 seconds, much less 5 minutes)
5. I want the new baby's room/guest room done well before I might be in labor.
6. I am a planner. What can I say?
Will all this work like I have planned??? Heck no. Will it be a start?? Hopefully!
Now for the good stuff! Avery photos (bought a new camera charger! yay!)!
This is Ace riding a lion.
This is Ace pushing her baby.
This is RoRo laughing at Ace.
And this is Ace's get-outta-my-way-you're-blocking-Dora-the-Explorer-face.
That is all.