Friday, January 28, 2011

Avery and Riley have a date (a play date that is).

I am on a proverbial roll. I have been posting like mad.

See our latest happenings below:

That was the awkward first minutes. They soon remembered how much they enjoyed each other.
This was the dress-up portion of the evening. Giraffes love strawberries if you didn't know.
So cute.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Avery played "Peeky Boo" with me last night in the car (don't worry, I was not driving).
Snug as a bug in her sleeping bag her Great Aunt Patty gave her for Christmas! Love it!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My child, the priss pot.

Hello again. It's me. Maybe we've met, maybe we haven't. I'm not really the type of gal who played princess or wanted makeup at an early age. (I do tend to overuse contractions, though.) I played in the mud, I built forts, I rode bikes barefoot. When I was pregnant with Avery, Allison swore that Ace would be a little prissy girl. I dismissed this notion as ridiculousness. Clearly, from the photo below. I was the one who was ridiculous.

Now, in all honesty, I should point out that is is entirely a fluke. She is not protesting her delicious breakfast, nor requesting a facial, but had just woken up and I just happened to catch up with her little hand posed. She loves to get dirty and climb things. She also likes to play dress up and already has a mild addiction to shoes. So I suppose she has the best of both worlds. Just like the Miley Cyrus theme song.
Please note her "art" on the calendar behind her. That's all.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I don't have much to say.

So instead, I will give you something to look at.
Avery icing her back (like Daddy).

Belated Christmas photo.
Avery pushing Jake out of the mud. Atta girl.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Stomach Bug

Illness stinks. Literally. I picked up a stomach bug Monday, and felt pretty bad until I woke up this morning. Avery woke up with similar symptoms, and a smell that was undeniable. Out came the disinfectant, and the diaper cream, and things are better already. I hope TJ doesn't get it! I am about to go stir crazy though. This is day 4 of being at the house! Sunday, we came home after church and I have only left to go pick up meds(and got my nails done while waiting for them to be ready at the pharmacy) and watch the auburn game at the Godwins since. I am thinking I may need a date night after today! Hint, hint.
In other news, I got my nails shellacked on Cristin and Cameron's recommendation. So far, no chips, no wear, no tear. They look as good as they did Monday. I am really shocked. I am very hard on my hands, especially with all the hand washing I've been doing lately! [UPDATE: Nails, fail. Day 3, and 2 hours after I typed this, 2 of them had chipped completely off. Maybe it was done wrong? Going back to have them fix them!]
I have only one photo today-my babies cleaning up the front yard. Sorry the neighbors house is in this one... such an eyesore!
I hope no one else gets this bug!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the trip...

So I haven't said much about our trip to Grand Cayman. It was much more commercial and touristy than most of our trips were growing up. This was a blessing and a curse. There were so many things that Avery could do, we had no trouble keeping her entertained at all! The prices were exorbitant, though. I'm talking really high. And the Cayman dollar is 1.2 to every $1 USD. So it looks like it was expensive, and yet, it really is more expensive than you think! Other than that one fact, it was an incredible trip! Dad, Uncle E, and TJ got to dive:

Avery danced and sang and sword fought with some pirates (and now all she wants to do is {pirate} dance). That's what she told me on the way home from church. Out of the blue, "pirate dance momma!". Ok, sweetie, later. We will pirate dance.
She road my suitcase throughout Atlanta, Miami, and Cayman airport. I got in trouble if the line stopped and consequently, so did her ride.
She met the "scawee berd" upon arrival, but had conquered her fears and made friends with "Echo" by the time we departed.
This one is "Romeo". Aptly named, as he is a handsome fellow and recites Shakespeare...kidding...but it sure does make this boring post more interesting.
Anywho, I am still piecing together the rest of the photos from our trip. It was glorious. I forgot how much I like to vacate.
Must do it again soon...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A photo post...dahling.

I FINALLY got a new camera. Obvious.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Thankful List and Resolutions

What a year it has been. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends, family, and well, life, in general. This is my now annual list for things and people I am thankful for:
1. Avery. She is truly the best thing ever. How could I have ever known what a wonderful, special, healthy little being I was growing 2 years ago? I didn't. I couldn't. But now I do. I am more than lucky to be her Momma.
2. TJ. Thank you for letting me be crazy when I needed to be, listening (or pretending to) to me, and having faith that we would and could make it through anything.
3. Mom, Dad, Mimi, Paw Paw. You have been so helpful this year. You took Avery when we needed a date night, played games with her when we were too exhausted, and held our hands when we were sick. Thank you for the insight, gifts, and wisdom you impart on us.
4. Searcy. Thank you for keeping me grounded. Thank you for putting up with my antics. Thank you for your undying friendship in a world where it is uncommon. Thanks for humoring me when I give you advice.
5. Allison, Carolyn, Angela. Ya'll are great friends who I could not live without. Thanks for all the parties, laughs, and tears. We have been through a lot in a short amount of time! (Al-where is my mustard?? I have your hot cocoa waiting on you when you get back...)
6. Haha, LuLu, Hope, Uncle E. Thanks for helping out with Avery and loving her as much as we do! We are looking forward to Hannah's wedding!
7. I am thankful for our healthy family. Avery had tubes put in her ears in June and what a difference that has made! I have since gotten enough sleep since then, that I can actually function normally! Perhaps 2011 will give TJ some back relief.
8. TJ's business has grown so much this year. We are thrilled to have Graham, Jenny, Reg, and Trey on board! Thanks for all you do!
9. Alley Station. I love my job. For the first time I am finding balance with work and home. I am so thankful for my time home with Avery, but I love getting to go to work on a project I believe in!
10. I am thankful for new friends. Avery has made some, and so have TJ and I.
God has been so good to us. Frazer UMC is growing in so many ways, and I love where we are headed.
Now, for the resolutions:
1. I will be more involved at church.
2. I want to have a bigger garden this year.
3. I will be a better wife and mother.
4. I will learn to do something I have never done...not sure what yet, but I'm sure it will make the blog in 2011.
5. I will go to bed on time!
6. I will say "I love you" more often to the ones I love, and "thank you" when I am thankful!
7. I will be quiet more and absorb the stillness.
8. I will ask more questions.
9. I will not be a "know-it-all".
10. I will give more, and shop less(the hardest one for sure!)

Thank you to all who read my blog. You give me good feedback and let me vent my thoughts! Finally, in the spirit of new years resolutions...Is there anything you wish I would write about? Would anyone like to guest blog, and let me listen more?