Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look at me! 2 Posts in 24 hours!

Cameron, Denise, and I threw Mom a little birthday party(I will be discreet about which birthday for her sake, cause she is a GRANDMA now.) Regardless of her age, she still looks great! See the photo below...

It was Kentucky Derby themed, hence the julep cups, roses, and big hats! We had great food (thanks to Cam and Denise) and delicious, although very strong, mint juleps!

Yesterday, Avery and I went out to water the garden, and I made her put on her sunglasses, because it was so bright! How fly is my baybay? She is learning new things everyday. I just love that little sponge. She has been shaking her head (since I try very hard not to say the word "no") mimicking me for several days now. Its really hard not to laugh when she does it. I will try to capture it on video. She is eating well again, and taking on new words every day. She said Bible on Monday, and duck and juice are getting their suffixes added now, so it actually sounds like duck and juice rather than "duh" and "jue" respectively!
Uncle Evan will be done with his last final of his first year of law school today. Congrats on this milestone Ev. We love you! That's all today.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The beach, the backyard, it don't matter to Avery!

Mom and I took Grandma (and Avery) on her annual trip. We went down to Orange Beach, and no, we did not see any tar balls. We didn't go near the actual ocean though. It was a great 2 days and I wish I had more time to stay. Avery adored everything we did! She loved the sand, and the playground at the Crab Shack, the "throwed rolls" and the train at Lambert's, and the indoor pool at the condo. She had a blast playing in the splash pad and riding the carousel at the outlet mall (see photo below for how she clued me in that she wanted to ride it!). Most of all, she was thrilled to see her Uncle Floyd and Aunt Linda and eat meatballs at Geno's. It was wonderful...even the car ride wasn't too bad. Which for us, is a big accomplishment!

Avery and Cameron at Evan's birthday dinner!
Aves playing in the backyard with Hank and Maggie. I love that little outfit!