Monday, February 22, 2010


Can anyone be as excited as me? I heart warm weather, and yes, I know it will get cold again before the marvelous warmth decides to stick around, but I just have to begin my celebration now! We hosted an engagement party for Lacey and Justin on Saturday in our backyard. The weather was great for our setup, the party, and even our breakdown yesterday. Avery watched from her bench:

I am looking forward to the beach, and the lake, and the warm weather in general! I swear I have been a much better mood because of the sunshine on my face! I will post photos of the party later...I took a million!
Lastly, I want to wish a special CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to Suelin and Phillip!!!! They got engaged on Saturday! I am so excited for yall! TJ, Avery, and I wish you the best, and are looking forward to that wedding in October!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Avery's Birthday Party

Avery will officially be 1 year on Thursday, but we had a little pre-game party (literally, right before the super bowl) to celebrate the momentous year it has been. Not only does my kid L-O-V-E cake, she thoroughly enjoyed all the extra attention! She slept like a rock when the sugar high wore off. I am posting two videos for your enjoyment. The first one is of some of her other guests at the party, and one of her with the mostly eaten smash cake. (video would not upload, so I will try again later!)

Thank you to all who came and we missed those who couldn't be there! It has been an exceptional year for us. I love my little monkey more than I ever dreamed I could, and TJ and I are so proud of her!
In other news, TJ has merged Partners with Graham C's Source Holdings and is now a lean mean machine of real estate, land sales, and property management.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Go Shawty, It's ya Birthday.

I cannot believe Avery is about to be a year old! How quickly the time has gone by! And by comparison, how long the previous 9 months were to get her here! In honor of this momentous occasion, she and I had a little photo session in Party City the other day.

Yep...I love that kid.

Her newest accomplishments?
1. Pointing to, and saying the word "duck", while looking at the lovely specimen on our mantel.
2. Using every possible item in our house as a "phone". She tries to call "dada" on her sippy cup, her brush, my shoe, the remote control, and my actual phone turned around backwards. She has all the right motions, but can't seem to figure out why no one ever talks back.
3. Tries to put her shoes on, but can't get them on just yet. Boy does she love her shoes. She says "shhhhh" for shoes, and "saaah" for socks.
4. Can sometimes point to Heidi when I say "Where's Heidi?"
5. Grew two new teeth last week for a grand total of 8.
6. Is a wonderful, beautiful sleeper!! Hooray!!! (seriously, this is the best of all, because it means that Dada and Mama get to sleep until 6:30 almost every morning!)

We are most excited about the small birthday party we are having on Sunday! It is Backyardigan themed! She loves the Backyardigans. Check them out on Nick Junior if you have no idea what that is. Photos of that to come!