Monday, December 12, 2011

John Mills Williford

John Mills made his debut a few days early, much to everyone's surprise. Here's the story minus all the gory details.
Mom and I took a little trip to have lunch with Grandma on Thursday December 1st up in Valley, Alabama. On the drive up I started having contractions, and about half way there, I realized they were pretty constant and getting stronger. So I started timing them. By the time we sat down for lunch an hour later, I had counted 16 contractions. So I called the nurse, to see what I should do. She called back a few minutes later and sent me to Triage (which I had been to twice already for different reasons). It took us about an hour to get home, but we went straight to the hospital, and into Triage. The first nurse checked me and said I was only one centimeter dilated, and that if I didn't have any cervical change in an hour, they would send me home. Of course, at this point, that was frustrating. I decided I had an incompetent cervix, and that was never going to dilate naturally. I was not comfortable because of the contractions, my blood pressure was really high, and I was a hot mess of sweatiness. At this point, Mom started to worry something was wrong. The same nurse came back in with Dr. Desautels, who decided to check me again. Wouldn't you know, that incompetent cervix of mine had dilated another centimeter! In a whirl wind of questions and answers and changing out of my clothes, I found myself 20 minutes later in an icebox of an operating room, hunched over a very sweet South African nurse, getting a spinal block.
About 10 minutes later, TJ comes in, all cute in his scrubs, if not a little green around the gills. Doctor Waller comes in, and just a few short minutes later, John Mills Williford takes his first breath, begins to cry, and pees all over Dr. W.
TJ got it all on video, and its pretty exciting to watch. But don't worry, its not going on youtube or the blog. I'm not that crazy.

8 pounds, 9 ounces
21 1/2 inches long
My big boy is just perfect. We are so in love with him! Oh, and he looks a heck of a lot like his big (and very proud) sister.

Didn't Holland do a fabulous job on his newborn portraits?? I love them!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Compliments of Allison...

I received this beauty of a photo from Allison yesterday from our Halloween hayride. I think its appropriate as our time as a family of three is numbered. Ha. Bad joke. But seriously folks, 5 days to go. It's surreal! And for future reference, yes John Mills, Avery is sitting on your head. It's her favorite thing to do! I hope that changes when you get here! Also, as a side note, I put this photo in black and white because Avery had a blue ring around her mouth from all the candy she had been eating. It's a little more classic without that I think.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First, the bad news...

So I show up at the doctor's office, all ready for a happy, see you in a week appointment with Dr. Desautels. But, he isn't there. Strange. They are normally so good about scheduling around the doctor's conflicts. When I see his nurse, Tamara, the sweetest gal you've ever met, she says, "I have some bad news, but go ahead and get me a sample and we will talk in the exam room." So I have 3 minutes to worry that (A.) Joe got hit by a train, or (B.) struck by lightening, or (C.) lost in the stacks at the library (we pregnant women are a tad dramatic, or at least I am.) or (D.) worse. She comes in and in a very overly sensitive way says, "There has been an accident." Again, worst case scenarios are running through my sleep deprived brain. "Dr. Desautels had to have surgery on his hand and will not be able to perform your c-section." Oh. But he is ALIVE? "Yes, he just will be unable to do any deliveries or surgeries for 4-6 weeks." Geez woman. I thought he was swarmed by killer bees or decided to leave his family and obstetrical practice for a "drink the Kool-aid" kind of ride to the moon.
Nope. Nothing nearly that dramatic, but when left to my own devices...
So, Dr. Phillips will now be delivering John Mills, and the time has changed from 12:30 pm to 7:30 am on Monday. Not so bad after all. But, I had you wondering, didn't I.
So ready for this little boy to be here!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Doctor's appointment today!

TJ and I are headed to see Dr. Desautels for the last time before John Mills gets here today. I am a little nervous. I am so ready to meet this baby, but I am a little skeptical about my mothering skills for TWO kids.
I just about lost it yesterday and had to call for backup. Avery refused to take a nap, was seriously rambunctious, and would not settle down regardless of the activities I tried to impose on her. When she belly flopped off the couch onto me and then stomped on my foot about 3 minutes later, I was done. I called Ma, who apparently can read minds, and graciously offered to come get her and let her have a spend the night party with her. I don't think I could have said "yes" any faster. This is such a rare occurrence for me, to actually need a little down time, that I had some Mommy guilt over it. Hormones a blazing I think.
When I woke up this morning though, the clouds had cleared (figuratively, not literally, as it is still yucky outside) and I was once again happy to see my little monster and I smothered her with kisses. She didn't even complain. Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Anywho, I will post with any updates after our appointment! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

37 week update

I went to see Dr. Desautels today, and we had a little ultrasound to check John Mills' size. Looks like he is right on target weighing in at 6 lbs, 14 oz which should put him at just about 8 lbs by December 5th (only 13 days away!), our scheduled C-section date. Sounds pretty good to me! The only odd thing the ultrasound tech noted what that his hair was very visible and long! I was a baldy when I was born, so it was such a shock when Avery came out with a head full of dark brown hair! So, no telling what John Mills may look like. Genetics are such a crap shoot. As for the rest of me, my blood pressure is normal to low, my gestational diabetes was probably a misdiagnosis (even says Dr. Des now), and I feel pretty good, with the exception of the occasional mood swing. What a different pregnancy this has been! I am still walking around the block, albeit slowly, a few days a week, and I am still under the 30 pound weight gain mark, which is absolutely miraculous (praise the Lord)! With Turkey Day coming up, however, I may blow that last one before he gets here!
I am so thankful for this baby, and I can't wait to spend some quality family time before he gets here! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Allen Law Center Ribbon Cutting and Elmo

The Allen Law Center officially opened yesterday with a Chamber Ribbon Cutting, and wonderful ceremony and reception in honor of the one and only JGA. We are so proud of him, and I told him it was truly remarkable to have a building named for you when you are still alive. Avery was pretty impressed with the whole shindig. She especially liked GiGi's painting, and the scissor shaped cookies (which I totally bribed her with, to stay seated and quiet through the ceremony-bad mommy confession of the day).

This girl loves her GiGi!
She was really excited the he wanted her to help cut the ribbon, but she took a long time getting up the stage because she had to gather all her rocks she had collected from the parking lot during the ceremony.
Whew. Black sure is concealing. Can you even tell I am nine months pregnant? If you see me waddle, I mean, walk you can! 19 days to go, by the way! (In other John Mills news, Dr. Desautels seems to think he may be a big boy. After palpation of my belly on Monday, he said "larger than average" and we are only at 36 weeks! I just hope he is good and healthy!)
Here is JGA giving his very gracious speech.
Go check out the Allen Law Center at Jones Law School! So proud of my Daddy!

Last thing of note today, was the father/daughter date TJ and Avery went on last night. Sesame Street Live! Thanks to Jason and Carolyn for the invite for the 2 of them, who even got to go backstage and meet ELMO!!!!!!! Avery was a little hurricane of excitement when she got home last night!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Twick or Tweet

She got the hang of this trick or treat business pretty quickly. Daddy put some hay on the trailer and loaded up the Princess and her buddies Jake and Riley (and all respective parental units) for the evening. More photos to come of the actual hayride and trick or treating (hint, hint Carolyn and Allison, send me some, since I am the slacker Mom who didn't take any!!!). Twas a good time, had by all (and I managed to only eat 1/2 a mini bag of peanut M & M's and one mini peanut butter snickers. That, I think, is pretty impressive for this gal.).

I would like to title this one "Let them eat cupcakes."

Avery had a trial run on trick or treating at the church on Sunday night at "Trunk or Treat". She was more into the puppets and the characters in costume than the candy.
On a side note, there are only 34 days until John Mills arrives! Oh, and congratulations to Kim and Thomas! Baby Annie was born yesterday afternoon at 1:30pm 7 lbs, 2 oz.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Syrup Soppin', Pumpkin Patch, and the strange morning...

Avery and I went with several other mom's and tot's to the Pumpkin Patch down in Union Springs. They had so much to do! We didn't even make it down to the actual pumpkin patch, because all the other stuff was so much fun! There was a petting zoo (Avery named all the goats, Brownie, Whitie, Shortie, just to name a few), a tube maze, hot dogs for lunch, and a really exciting corn sand box (for lack of a better term). This was Avery's favorite. She came home with enough corn in her shoes to make a decent batch of cornbread.

Yesterday, I woke up to find Avery and Hank asleep in her bed. Hank was supposed to be in the back yard, but apparently, he gave up on that idea, and after TJ left to go hunting, he came right in the front door. They were both pretty happy to see each other. I asked Avery how long Hank had been in her room and she responded, "Since Wednesday." Hmmm. I do apologize for the poor quality of photo. It was dark and they were still sleepy. Oh, and I should mention, that Hank got a haircut on Monday. He had a rough weekend, so we thought a little grooming and a bath would be good for him. Turns out, they scalp you if you have really curly hair since they can't brush through it. Poor guy. He will have to wear a sweater all winter long.
Lastly, the Syrup Soppin' in Loachapoka, Alabama was delightful. Sounds a little red, but don't knock it, til you try it! We went last year, and Avery enjoyed it so much, we thought we would go back. This time she enjoyed the old timey school house where she could draw on the little chalk boards. That, and all the cool food they let you taste! (Corn fritters, fire baked bread, fresh honey, fresh sorghum, cane syrup, even pecan pancakes.) There are lots of other vendors there, but we stuck to the original stuff. Avery picked cotton, pulled up peanuts and sweet potatoes, and rode a tractor. Very country. She had a hard time understanding why I wanted her to wear jeans and boots (she wears little smocked dresses most of the time at home). She pretty much pitched a fit as I wrestled her into them Saturday morning, but on Monday, she didn't want to wear a dress! She only wanted her jeans. I don't think she is country as a turnip just yet, but a few more weekends in Notasulga (Gigi is actually growing turnips at the mill, so she got to pick some) and she might turn into one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Avery does not remember giving herself the nickname "Ace". She will still respond to it, but no longer refers to herself as Ace.
Does it make me sad? Not really, but it does make me a twinge nostalgic for the days when she butchered her words (so sweet), and it was a game to decipher what she was saying. She is very verbal these days, in case you haven't seen her in a while. She uses full sentences and mostly proper grammar (with the exception of the occasional "him's toy" rather than "his toy" to show possession). She can easily carry on a conversation with just about anyone, including Mayor Strange, who she walked right up to and asked to "hold this please" while handing him her blankie. Yeah. Never met a stranger. Although, to her credit, they had actually met once before.

Other things she's into now:
1. Her brother (who she refers to as "my baby john mills"). She kisses my belly and tells him goodnight before she goes to sleep. And she has a present waiting on him when he arrives (a blue blankie that she tested to make sure was up to her standards in softness). Other mom's out there have an idea about a present to her from her brother on D-day? I have read its a good idea to get the older child something from the baby so she won't feel left out. Something relevant, but we already have the big sister t-shirt and all the books. Ideas would be appreciated!
2. School. The kid LOVES school. I hear about her friends, her teachers, the playground, art time, music time, potty time, you name it, she talks about it. I have never seen a kid so happy to go to school.
3. Friends. Jake, Chappell, Riley, George, Liam, Frances, et al, are constantly on her mind, and in her conversations. Her imagination is growing too. She pretend talks to her "friends" and they respond when she is laying in bed. They are the funniest little conversations. She is starting to play pretend doctor and house. So cute. I get to be her patient and sometimes its her daddy or BeBe.
4. BandAids. The child is obsessed with band aids. We have been through a giant box of them because she thinks she needs one hourly.
5. Heaven. I told her that Maggie (dog that died back in January) went to heaven, and that she isn't coming back. This must have just now clicked with her, because she tells me all the time that Hank is sad and wants his friend back. So now, when anything is missing, (my phone, her hair bow, pink blankie, etc.) she tells me it's in heaven. That heaven must be a junky place if all our random lost stuff ends up there.

Avery got to meet and hold Mary Pace on Saturday:
I think she will be a super big sister!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Welcome to the World!

Liam made his grand debut Tuesday morning. J and C are super lucky parents, cause this guy is a cutie!!! He will be stealing hearts in no time! 8 lbs, 11 ounces of love!

I made Allison take one last photo before she went to the hospital to deliver her sweet girls.
Mary Pace and Currey Elizabeth made their entrances Wednesday morning and are 6 pounds 2 ounces and 6 pounds 4 ounces respectively. I got to hold them today, and I am smitten. Seriously, my friends could not have delivered cuter babies! I just love all three of them! I can't wait for John Mills to meet his buddies!

In other news, Avery and I made Polka Dot Pumpkin muffins yesterday, and I think my little friend is going to be quite the baker (if I can keep her from eating all the batter before it gets cooked!). She loves helping dump in the ingredients.
And wearing the apron.
Special little thing. I just love that kid.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surgery is scheduled and other unexpected news...

The nurse called yesterday to schedule my c-section. Apparently, December 5th is a popular day to have a baby. She could not get me on the agenda until 12:30pm. So put it on your calendar! Normally they do them first thing in the morning. It doesn't really bother me, though. That's one last day to [attempt to] sleep in. I show up at the hospital at 10am, and before 1pm, the world will have its newest person! Now, my history is that it will not go this smoothly, but since I am an eternal optimist (who am I fooling, here?), I think this is how it will go.

However, what might throw a little kink in my plans, is my new diagnosis...
gestational diabetes.

I am not happy about this diagnosis, but when she told me my glucose number (206), I agreed that maybe it was accurate. Well, not at first. At first, I fought her on it. And rebelliously told her I would not come back in for another screening and that I wanted to talk to someone else. Funny thing about that is, after convening with Dr. Desautels, he agreed. He is sending me straight to an educational class to get some learnin' and a glucometer. Yay me.
It's not that big of a deal. But it could mean a really big baby. Which could mean an earlier, surprise, delivery. Anywho. I won't think about that now. Now, I have to focus on limiting my carbs (really hard) and sweets (not as hard) and increasing my protein (easy!) and veggies (easiest!). The best news is that cheese has lots of calcium and it seems to be pretty diabetic friendly! Wa-hoo! That's a diet I can live with!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan!!

Parker turned 2 last weekend. We took the boat down the river to his birthday party! (Hence the lyrical title in the words of the great T. Pain from the song "I'm on a boat".) Avery had a blast! The hayride rocked! She was such a little trooper, but was pooped by the time we left. Happy Birthday Park!!

Yesterday, we went on a Mommy-Daughter date to Chicken-Play, known by the rest of the world as Chick-fila. Either way, its her favorite lunching spot! She pitched a small fit when we left, and pitched a MAJOR one when we got home. Too much fun=a not happy Avery. I think this is part of being two. (Does it go away by three?? Holy Moly, I hope so!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello? Hello?

Me: Who are you calling?
Avery: GiGi. On my foot phone.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some Avery Stories:

1. The other night, Avery saw a tiger in a store window. She pointed to it, and I told her it was "Aubie" the Auburn Mascot, who she had seen the weekend before at the season opener. She said, "Yeah, Mama, Aubie has the best job!" I was a little confused. So I asked what job he held. She said, "The walk!" Clearly someone has been talking to her about the Tiger Walk. I don't know who. But someone.
2. Last night, Avery and I were picking up Zoes for supper. She had made friends with some rather muscular looking ladies (who were super nice, but wanted to buy her some chocolate milk after I clearly stated she couldn't have any because she hadn't eaten dinner yet) who thought she was pretty cute and funny. We were all sitting around waiting on our food, and Avery kept making them laugh. But really the best moment was when she passed gas (which of course reverberated off of the plastic chair she was sitting in, oh so lady like) and then announced to everyone (kitchen staff included) "I TOOTED!!!!!" and then she said it over and over again after her audience (everyone but me, that is) giggled and smiled at her. MORTIFIED. So thanks, to the 3 or 4 important people in her life that would applaud this behavior. You know who you are. I am in massive never-let-this-happen-again mode. Avery and I had two discussions about when and where potty language is appropriate. Ugh.
3. I (mistakenly) asked Avery's teacher if she bosses around the other kids. She smiled so sweetly and said, "No, she isn't bossy, but she is very outspoken. We never wonder what she is thinking about." Not sure what Avery has been telling them, but I am sure its interesting. At least she added at the end, "But we never have any behavior problems with Avery!" At least we have that going for us.
Here she is discussing the finer points of gummy bears with me.
And here, she is helping clean the fridge. I got desperate for an activity! Mom used to let E and I "clean" (shaving cream) the appliances on cold rainy days, so I thought I would try it on a 95 degree day when I was 7 months preggo and couldn't even begin to contemplate going outside to push her on the swing. Anyway, she had fun...not as much as I remember having, but I think next time we try it, she may get more into it. The house was pretty cold, and I made her strip down so she wouldn't get her dress messy. She may have been more concerned with keeping her body temperature up than making a big squishy mess.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In honor of 9/11

Thank you for your sacrifice to our country, all the men and women who served and who died 10 years ago.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I dont have much to say.

Between potty training, sleep deprivation, mommyhood, wifedome, and work, I don't have a lot of time to think up creative blog posts. I am in get-it-done-so-I-can-rest mode. Third trimester started yesterday, along with the aches and pains of carrying around additional weight and the emotional strain of wondering how in the #$%* I am going to be a mom to an infant and a Dora crazed toddler who won't sleep, but shows great aptitude in a number of other areas. That was a run-on.
It's not that she won't sleep. It's that she won't go to bed 2 nights a week. For whatever reason, and it seems to differ each week. One night, she's scared, the next, she's cold and needs water. And last night, she just couldn't settle down, even after her soothing lavender bath, reading time, and rocking routine were complete. Any moms out there know what I'm doing wrong? We have got to get this thing under control before John Mills gets here!
Speaking of John Mills, he is doing great, hiccuping, dancing, and jujitsu-ing his way into my ribs and heart. I think he is going to be an active one. I meet with my new-new doctor (Desautels) in 2 weeks, and then I start the bi-monthly visits with him. Not sure if I mentioned that Dr. Sullivan and I didn't jive, but lets just say it was bad.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I got the moves Mick Jagger...

Avery cheered for Peep (Pete, our next door neighbor) at his football game on Friday night. Clearly, she needed an MA cheerleading outfit, at least according to CiCi (Peep's mom). The kid is OBSESSED! She loved watching the cheerleaders dance, cheer, and build. She was imitating their moves and getting some of them right! It was joy to watch.
Here she is modeling her new outfit and practicing "two bits"!
Lately, she has had some awfully funny things to say:
1. "I'm the Avery, and we're watching Dora!"
2. "Ma! My hands are getting a brain freeze!"
3. Uncle Cam likes "cam"oflauge!
4. "Chair"ub Church because of the tiny chairs
5. "Mommy, look! It's a por-tato (tornado)!" This was while watching the water drain out of the bathtub.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

play time with chaps!

Avery and Chappell had a little playdate yesterday! They were in hog heaven! Activities went something like this:
1. swing
2. slide
3. sandbox
4. slide some more
5. dress up!!!!
6. Chaps gave Avery a new 'do
7. coloring
8. "chicken play" known to the rest of the world as Chick fila.

The beauty shop (didn't get a good shot of this, but Chappell was insistent on brushing Ace's hair):
The dress up box:
Love them!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Houston, we have a name!

After several months of debate, we finally have a name for deuce. It has been an arduous process to say the least! Drumroll, please...John Mills Williford should be here in approximately 17 weeks. This was one of the initial names we had on the table, but we had a round about way of getting there. I feel very confident that this was divine intervention on behalf of this well loved baby.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


The kid is growing. The ultrasound showed 2 kidneys, 2 brain hemispheres, a big fat belly, and reiterated the announcement of "it's a boy"! He is cute, and stuck his little finger up and gave his Daddy a #1 sign. TJ swears this is a sign that Bama will win the championship this year! He weighed in at 14 ounces and was measuring about a week ahead of what he is. So, my prediction of being a big boy seems to be right on target.
We have decided to go ahead with the scheduled C-section so I don't end up in the same predicament as last time with Avery. Although my dear OB, Dr. Connor, has decided to stop delivering babies. While I admire her decision to spend more time with her family (she has two young children), I wish she would have waited until Christmas. There is a new female coming to the practice that I am meeting with next visit. I am interested to meet her, and I hope I like her as much as I like Dr. Connor.
In other news, my beautiful sister in law Hannah married her long time sweet heart JJ last weekend (Avery was the flower girl-AVERY-ESK is the best word for her performance), we are hosting a baby shower for Allison tonight, TJ and I are going to Mitchell's birthday party tomorrow night, and then Laura's wedding weekend in 2 short weeks. This pregnant lady is tired just thinking about it all! Not too much longer that I will feel up to doing all this stuff, so I will enjoy it while my energy lasts! I hope everyone had a great summer! We have! Anyone else really ready for FALL??? My favorite season!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chicken Head, LuLu's, and the beach

Avery had the pleasure of staying with her Daddy last weekend while Mommy went to an engagement party for Laura and a Brittney Spears concert, don't judge me. That weekend sealed the deal for Avery being a Daddy's girl! They had a blast!! He took her to the Biscuit's game, the book store (hence the chicken hat??), and played so much in the back yard, that she turned into a mosquito bite! She didn't even miss me!

This weekend, we took her back down to the beach for a work/play weekend. TJ has aquired a new property to manage down there, so he worked, and we played. Ace got to try her first strawberry daquiri (virgin for both of us!).
And, we helped Daddy pull the boat out of the water. This was down by the docks. She was very impressed with all the bait fish under the pier. It's the little things!!!

In Junior News:
We are 20 weeks now, and he is kicking up a storm! Babies at this stage are supposed to be 10 inches long and weigh 3/4 of a pound. We go Thursday to have the anatomy ultrasound, and hopefully everything will be looking good and we will get his actual measurements! My guess is that he is big! My belly feels big at least!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Deep Sea, and GiGi

Avery had the pleasure of going on her first off shore fishing trip last weekend. Are we crazy, you might ask? Yes. We are. But, she loved it! Not many 2 year olds can withstand 4 hours on a boat, but she did. She had a blast! The other older girls helped. Some got sick. Not Avery. By the time we got back to the dock, she had her sea legs. Had it not been naptime, she would have been fine to keep on fishing! But boy was Momma tired. Still not sure why I agreed to go, but I am glad we did! Hopefully, lil deuce enjoyed his first fishing trip too.

GiGi brought Avery breakfast from Chick-fil-a Monday morning. You would have thought he brought her diamonds. Chicken Nuggets for breakfast???? The kid was on cloud nine! Sometimes, its the little things!
Cute, aren't they?

Friday, July 1, 2011

TJ Junior. Deuce. Peanut 2.

Here he is! Cute little guy! Look at that big round head!! So glad he will be c-section!! The ultrasound tech said she was 100% sure he was a boy! Now, to find a name TJ and I agree on.
Names that are NOT on my list:
1. Davery
2. Dick or Richard
3. Tommy or Tammy (whew!)
4. Ricky
5. Randy
6. Dale
No offense to anyone who has one of these names. I love NASCAR, I just don't want to put any unnecessary pressure on the little guy. Such big shoes to fill. (I do hope you are catching my playful sarcasm at this point.) But any non-racing related names are welcome! Suggestions should be posted or facebooked.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

IT'S A...

BOY!!!! He is super cute and looks healthy so far! We will know more at our next appointment when we get the big ultrasound. I will post photos next week!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Avery's first day of School, plus some extras

First Day of School!!! So proud of her backpack (thanks Kim for the precious monogram!).

I really can't believe she is 2.
I just downloaded all my photos, so these are from the beach a few weeks ago.
Pretending to nap.
Hanging with Ma at the pool!
Breakfast! Look at that bed head!!