Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She can pull up!

Avery is now efficiently crawling, saying "hey", and has pulled herself to a standing position once! It is a sad realization that she is fast approaching toddler-hood and leaving behind the baby stage. She is so independent. She loves to sit and play by herself, but still likes to cuddle at nap and bedtime (thank God!). I have to get my snuggle time in with her. I hope she doesn't grow out of that for a long, long time!
Sunday we had her Baptized into the Methodist church. She was such a doll. She listened intently to John as he told us what we needed to do to raise her up a Christian, and she sat still in his arms as he charged the congregation to uphold her to the values of the faith. She didn't even mind the holy water on her head. She just looked beautiful, too. She was wearing a dress that I wore, and that was passed to us from my Grandmother's best friend, Miss Carolyn Danforth, whose Grandmother, I believe, brought it in her trousseau trunk from Europe. It is supposedly 150 years old. It is gorgeous. And I was terrified that Avery was going to spit up on it. She didn't, and it is still intact, albeit wrinkled, and ready for the next generation to wear. (I highly doubt TJ is going to let me put a little boy in it.)
I will post photos and the video as soon as someone emails them to me. Bad Mommy didn't take any!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

6 months, 2 teeth, and one sad momma

I am WAAAAY behind on posting! Sorry!
Let me get you up to speed:
1. Avery is crawling, like really getting around the room now. Sad Mommy!
2. She has 2, count 'em, 2 teeth!
3. I am no longer at the hotel, but am booking events for Alley Station. Check us out at AlleyStation.com, or on facebook! It is a great place for wedding receptions, parties, meetings, or any other gathering! We have a Ballroom that will hold up to 350 people and a Roof Top Terrace that will hold an additional 350. It is tres chic, and very forward for Montgomery. Call me if you would like to see it! 334-277-1077 (that is the Partner's number which is the office I am working out of currently!)
4. Avery went to her first birthday party for her friend Jack. He turned two, and she had a blast! Hopefully soon she will be able to eat cake. Which leads me to #5.
5. Avery turned 6 months old last week! We had a half birthday celebration! Hannah and Hope made FunFetti cupcakes, that G Daddy and TJ fell in love with, but Aves wasn't allowed to have one. :(
I will post photos later...got a meeting! Hopefully I will get a contract!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello to you, Mr. President

I forgot to post this photo a while back. The prez was boarding the flight to Cincinnati, and I saw this perfect photo op. Regal, don't you think?

TJ and Avery were chilling on the porch over the weekend. She was talking to him all about his lawn updates of late. Such a grown up young lady, except that she doesn't like to wear clothes.

She is going to hate me one day for posting this one.

And, here is the video from later that evening.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Numero Dos and Five Month Photos

Avery has her second tooth! Bless her heart. It was a miserable day yesterday as the tiny little tooth edged its way through her gums. She screamed for an hour until we could get home and get the wonderful Tylenol/teething tablet combo. It was a KO, that would be a "knock out" for those of you who weren't forced into playing Mortal Kombat at every family gathering since the inception of opposable thumbs, almost immediately. I am hopeful that we won't get anymore teeth for a while. I think she has a low pain threshold, and consequently, so do my ears.
Ah, and the on the crawling front, she is seriously close! Is it bad that I don't want her to crawl yet? She should still be a baby, and need me for everything, right? Avery, if you read this when you are older, I did not try to hinder you from crawling, but I am not actively encouraging it either. Anyone have any helpful tips for baby proofing the home? It is soooo overwhelming!
Here are Avery's belated 5 month photos. She will be 6 months on the 11th, so once again, I am behind!