Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Sentence?

Avery said her first sentence...sort of. We took her to the Auburn water park on Saturday. She splashed and played, and we left after about an hour due to nap time! This is not the classiest place on the block, but it is exceptionally toddler friendly. Splash town has a foot of water with toddler water sports like a see saw that splashes each child back and forth, a mushroom with cascading water fall, and a slide that kids can ride with their parents. Then we checked out the wave pool, and finally the lazy river. Aves had a blast. We put her shoes back on as we were leaving, and as soon as we got in the car, she was trying to undo the velcro. About five minutes later, I look back at her, and she looks at me with very sincere eyes and says "shoes off." She repeats it about one hundred times until I finally get what she is saying and help her pull her shoes off. She was so proud that she said it and that I got it, and the shoes came off! We were both pretty pumped. Here she is with her shoes AND shirt off.
Uncle Floyd ordered Avery seconds of red Jello at Geno's at the beach. Thanks Floydo.
I do want to mention how good Geno's is, and if anyone is supporting the gulf coast this week and winds up in Orange Beach, go check it out! They have great sushi, seafood, and salads. Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Photo Post

We went to Telluride, CO for the weekend...Eric and Eliza's Wedding. It was awesome. More on that tomorrow. So tired. Just wanted to get in a few for the mid-week slackers...

Avery and TJ at a Biscuits game a few weeks ago. Love that smile!
TJ caught two fish in Colorado...this brown trout and one rainbow.

Lastly, we went to an oxygen bar when the altitude started getting to us. Locals made fun of us, but it was pretty neat. Mine was Gardenia scented.
More tomorrow. Night!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Can you hear the words that are coming outta my mouth?

I was about to post on Avery's tubes when an email came in from Ama that summed it up quite succinctly.
"One would think she is going to be a Diva except that she is not very selective in her choice of shoes-male/female,high heels, flip flops, any kind will do. Isn't it great to see our baby feeling so good after her tubes?"

Dad forwarded the following pre-op photo to Floyd who, of course, had something to say. "She even has designer hospital clothes?? What a tough life!"
Apparently there is a clinical term for what happens when children/babies wake up from anesthesia. It is called Post Operative Agitation, which doesn't sound too bad- like she might throw her bottle down to see if you will pick it up for the 10th time-but in actuality is the worst thing I have ever experienced!!! Well, not really, I'm being dramatic, but Avery totally freaked out...for 20 minutes! She writhed in pain, screamed, tried to bang her head, wouldn't accept a paci, bottle, or even tylenol, and then, as fast as it started, she fell asleep. "It's normal", the nurse kept telling us, but not convincingly enough for me. By the time we got her to the car, she was fine! Like nothing had happened. She ate her cheerios, drank her milk, and acted normally! Her naps were right on schedule (I even got her to snuggle with me for the afternoon nap in our bed! Ahh, heaven!), lunch went as planned, and then we turned Jack's BIG Music Show (compliments of Aunt Searcy) on repeat all afternoon. And here is the big kicker...Avery sang, danced, and chattered ALL DAY LONG! The doctor told us he sucked out a ton of fluid from behind her ear drum, and he said she could probably hear MUCH better now. I agree. She was happy, energetic, talkative(we may be regretting that part later! Kidding!) and back to being my sweet kid! Yay for tubes!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All the photos I have been hoarding.

Avery and Cousin Taylor watching SpongeBob at the lake on Saturday. They were loving each other's company!

Playing in her jewelry box! I have been saving up costume jewelry since I found out I was having a girl. I used to love playing dress up! Check out those fab purple heart earrings. Most appropriate for Memorial Day.
Guacamole sauce...Hi, my name is Avery, and I am addicted to avocado.
Just like Daddy! She loves to help cut the grass...or what's left of it...the backyard is looking a little sparse!
Learning to share...GERMS! "Here Mags, try my delicious banana Popsicle!
On the way to the BEACH! Me and Ama fell asleep.
Sorry for the bra shot in this one, but I had to document Avery's first "outside-the-exit-doors-of-Walmart" ride! Actually, this wasn't at a Walmart, but at a much classier establishment...Lambert's. Home of the throwed [sic] rolls.
Me and my buddy Charlie!